Favretto Financial`s Philosophy

“Solutions through partnership”

Communication, clarity and commitment: that pretty much sums up our way of working with our clients.

It’s the quality of the groups we maintain and not the quantity. The focus is on providing a service and not selling a product… building relationships.

Our primary expertise is Group Life and Health Insurance, while our secondary focus is Individual Life and Health. We continue to grow our business, but no matter how large we grow, Favretto Financial will continue to adhere to the belief that attending to the human dimension is the most important thing we do. After 30 successful years in the industry, we clearly understand that your objectives and our objectives must be in complete alignment. We know that our job is to provide you peace of mind and confidence and that is how we to foster loyalty with our clients. Last but not least, we understand that Employee Benefit Plans are necessary for our partners, and this is why we strive to make this process straightforward and simple.

What Makes Favretto Different
We are in the business of developing and sustaining long-term relationships, rather than simply selling you insurance products you may or may not need.
We bring to the table a wealth of experience—30 years’ worth, to be precise. We understand the need for a fresh approach when it comes to insurance. That’s why, in the midst of today’s value revolution, we know that knowledge, personality and communication mean as much as—if not more than—the actual products we offer. Today’s clients are far more knowledgeable and savvy. They keep us on our toes, and that’s where we like to be.
We prefer having long-term relationships with fewer clients. Sure, building a relationship takes more time than the traditional way but, once you’ve worked with us, we feel certain that you’ll agree: relationship building is the foundation for success and peace of mind—yours and ours.
Our key words are clarity, collaboration, consultation — and, last but not least, trust.

Meet My Partners
After 30 years in the industry we know that strong partnerships foster long-term relationships. We are continually in touch and in tune with their changing needs. (By the way, we also enjoy going for a friendly coffee with a partner—just because.)
The quality of our partnerships is far more important to us than the quantity or size .

“Solutions through partnership”

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